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“Oppenheimer” and the Wyoming Senator Who Defied the U.S. President

Christopher Nolan’s latest film Oppenheimer depicts the dramatic events that surrounded the development of the atomic bomb and its aftermath. One of the key episodes in the film is the confirmation hearings for Lewis Strauss, who was nominated by President … Continue reading

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Wyoming’s Nuclear Response to Project Plowshare

Vice President Richard Nixon delivered these words in October 1960 to a Toledo, Ohio, fraternity group: “Our plan to develop peaceful constructive uses of nuclear explosives has been given the name of Project Plowshare, because it is literally an attempt … Continue reading

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Archives Rewind Vol. 5

Welcome back! It’s that time again — more highlights from rewinding our “Archives on the Air” series. Let’s get Volume 5 on rewind… Episode 163 – Wyoming Defends Woman’s Suffrage – Morton E. Post Famly Papers  Women’s Suffrage has been … Continue reading

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Wyoming Statesman Gale McGee Encounters a Bolivian Coup D’état

Between 1978 and 1980, the country of Bolivia was constantly in a state of crisis. There was a series of military governments that ruled briefly, each overthrown by the next. Rodger McDaniel’s 2018 book, The Man in the Arena: The … Continue reading

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