Wyoming Cattle Industry Documented at the AHC

Roundup, 1925, Wyoming Stock Growers Association Records

Next week, June 1st though 4th, the Wyoming Stock Growers Association will be holding the Wyoming Cattle Industry Convention & Trade Show in Laramie. As part of the event, members of the Association will be touring the American Heritage Center on Friday, June 3rd.  The records of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association held at the AHC form the nucleus of a large body of material documenting animal husbandry in the West.

The Association’s stated mission is to advocate for issues related to the cattle industry, to disseminate information to its members, and to promote resource stewardship, animal care, and the production of high-quality, nutritious beef.  However, the organization was created in 1872 to combat cattle rustling.  The Association was instrumental in the evolution of Wyoming rangeland and livestock laws, and it continues to be influential in Wyoming culture and politics.

The Association’s records document the organization comprehensively, covering its early history as well as more recent developments.  Large portions of the collection have been digitized and are available online.  You can search for digitized material by perusing the inventory for the collection or by viewing the digital collection directly.

Those interested in the Wyoming Stock Growers Association may also find the records of the National Cattlemen’s Association intriguing.  The American Heritage Center is an important resource for the study of livestock management.

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