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Summer Travels, On a Wing and a Prayer

So, you’re doing some air travel for the summer? Perhaps you’re anticipating the destination, but not the journey itself. We can commiserate. Yes, there can be many vexations with modern air travel, even in the 21st century. As annoying as … Continue reading

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Shopping Big in The Netherlands

Shopping malls have provided communities with convenient shopping options and social gathering spaces for decades but have seen a decline in popularity across the United States. In Europe, however, they seem to continue to supply these things. The largest shopping … Continue reading

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True Crime Obsessed: The Literary Figures Who Contributed to the Craze and the Stories That Feed It

With the current plethora of media – documentaries, podcasts, books, and biopics of serial killers – it’s no wonder true crime is so popular. But it isn’t just today’s societies that have this obsession. The love for true crime stories … Continue reading

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Prints Profoundly Proper: Unveiling the Works of George Cruikshank

George Cruikshank (1792-1878) was an English caricaturist known for creating political satire pieces and famous illustrations for notable authors like Charles Dickens. While taking printmaking classes, I came across his name multiple times. This piqued my interest to learn more … Continue reading

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The Fascinating Life of Nellie Bly

Elizabeth Cochrane was born in 1867 near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Little is known about her early life except that she grew up in a large family and was particularly independent minded. While still a teenager, she was offended by a Pittsburgh … Continue reading

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From Talking Movies to Looney Tunes – Celebrating 100 Years of Warner Brothers

April 4, 2023, marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of Warner Brothers Pictures. Here at the American Heritage Center, we have the papers of some of the creative personalities behind the films for which Warner Brothers is revered. The … Continue reading

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Welcome to the University of Wyoming’s Living Room

The Wyoming Union on the University of Wyoming opened on March 3, 1939, and soon became the “living room of campus,” as described on the Union’s website. The university had expanded greatly since its inception in 1886 with a much … Continue reading

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Wyoming’s Grand Old Man Joseph Carey

Many people who have visited Wyoming’s capitol city at one time or another have probably driven on Carey Avenue. This well-traveled thoroughfare goes through the heart of Cheyenne on the west side of the State Capitol. But from where does … Continue reading

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Captured in Vietnam – One Wyoming Family’s Story of Despair and Hope

During the Vietnam War more than 1,800 Americans were held prisoner or were missing in action in Southeast Asia. Among them was Army Major Theodore “Ted” Gostas of Sheridan. Gostas was born in Butte, Montana, on December 13, 1938. After … Continue reading

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The “Messiah” of the Desert?: Floyd E. Dominy and Water Conservation in the West

Concern over the future of water in the West is growing. Record breaking droughts and rapidly growing cities where water is already scarce has strained the current water infrastructure to its limits. The current path appears unsustainable, so in the … Continue reading

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