2020 Parade of Turkeys

We at the American Heritage Center wish everyone a warm and happy Thanksgiving holiday.  To celebrate, we would like to share some images of the turkeys and Thanksgiving scenes in our collection.  However, in several of the photographs, the turkey has already been consumed.  Or hurled from the roof of a building . . .

Sill Brothers Turkey Throw, Laramie, Wyoming, 1925. Look at the roofline to see members of the community who just tossed a turkey down on the very eager crowd. If you look carefully you can see the bird flapping its wings rather desperately on the right of the Sill Bros. Bakery building sign. Ludwig-Svenson Collection, negative number 12615.2. University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center.

You most likely won’t see a scene like below this year with Covid-19 in our lives. But we can certainly recall those warm celebrations and know that one day they’ll return.

Will McMurray and friends toasting one another after a turkey dinner, 1940. Ludwig Svenson Collection, negative number 32517. University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center.

And here’s the traditional guest of honor at many Thanksgiving tables . . .

Turkey in a barnyard, with ducks and geese in the background. James K. Moore Family Papers, Accession Number 51, Box 22, 1319. University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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