Archives Rewind Vol. 9

It’s been a while since we’ve highlighted some of our “Archives on the Air” programs. So here’s a brand new Archives Rewind for the new year!

Episode 159: James L. Ehernberger Western Railroad Collection

Railroads have had a vital impact on Wyoming’s commerce and culture. Ehernberger collected railroad records and related historical material documenting railroad history in the West — particularly for Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain region.

train plowing through snow in Laramie, Wyoming in 1896
Snow being cleared from the Laramie Union Pacific Railroad Yard, Laramie, 1896. Box 2, Elmer F. Lovejoy papers.

Episode 156: Greetings From Gebo!—Mileva Maravic Papers

Gebo, Wyoming was a town owned and operated by the Owl Creek Coal Company. The coal company owned all the houses and business and didn’t charge rent.

Gebo penant - yellow and red in color
“Gebo” penant, undated. Box 1, Mileva Maravic papers.

Episode 149: The Nervous Wreck—Al Christie Papers

Al Christie built one one of the first permanent film studios in Hollywood — and they made three short films a week.

man in cowboy outfit in kitchen jumping
A scene from the silent film, “The Nervous Wreck”, 1926. Box 10, Al Christie papers.

Episode 141: Batman Hate Mail—William Dozier Papers

There are many iterations of Batman — Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Ben Affleck, and Christian Bale — and everyone has an opinion about who was best and worst.

But even the campy Adam West version of Batman got hate mail back in the day.

Batman joke book by Leonard Goldstein
It’s Fun To Be a Batman! Joke book, circa 1965. Box 1, William Dozier papers.

The purpose of the Archives Rewind series is to highlight episodes from our “Archives on the Air” segment that airs on Wyoming Public Media.

“Archives on the Air” can be heard on Wyoming Public Radio Monday through Friday at 11:50 am, and 6:50 pm or online on Wyoming Public Media’s website.


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