New Finding Aids: November 2019

We’ve had a productive fall (read: winter) processing even more collections over the past few months. Here’s another round of finding aids we’ve published so you can see what we’ve been up to.

As a reminder, Finding Aids act as a table of contents for our collections. These aids help you find information about specific collections we have, and the information contained in the collections. We create these aids so it’s easier for researchers to figure out if collection is relevant to their work.

The strengths of our collections include Wyoming and the American West, politics and public policy, ranching and energy, entertainment and popular culture, industry, transportation, and military history. The documents and archives we hold serve as raw data for scholarship and heritage work, and support thriving communities of place, identity, and interest in Wyoming and beyond.

hallway of archival materials and shelving

Finding Aid Updates (from collections processed 7/11/19 – 10/10/19)

Petroleum developer J.H. Rowe. Rowe was a Montana businessman who developed oil fields in the early 1900s.

Oil investor Charles F. Moon. Moon invested in Victor Ziegler’s Bonanza Oil Company which drilled successfully in Wyoming in the 1950s.

City engineer W.E. Zipfel. Zipfel worked in Laramie’s Chief Engineer’s office platting railroad and telephone lines.

Oil executive William L. Connelly. Connelly headed a Sinclair oil subsidiary in Wyoming at the time of the Teapot Dome Scandal.

Photojournalist Phil Brodatz. Brodatz won top honors for his photographs at the 1964 World’s Fair, and his images appeared on UNICEF Christmas cards.

NASA scientist and psychologist Richard F. Haines. Haines documented and studied UFO sightings.

Actor and writer Joseph Julian. Julian worked with Norman Corwin and Orson Welles before being blacklisted in the 1950s.

Laramie business Knight Oil Company. The Knight family operated a garage, car dealership, and oil company.

Continental Oil Company materials. Included are reports from Rocky Mountain oilfields in the 1920s.

Laramie pharmacist Charles Settele. Settele’s pharmacy operated for 17 years and was known throughout Wyoming.

The AHC has digitized and made accessible online 4340 negatives from the Ludwig & Svenson Studio photographs collection #00167.

Ludwig & Svenson Studio was a family owned photography studio in Laramie, Wyoming during the twentieth century. Originally named Svenson Photography, the studio was established by Henning Svenson in 1905. In 1943, Svenson Photography was purchased by Walter B. Ludwig, who renamed it Ludwig & Svenson Studio. The business was later renamed Ludwig Photography. The company mainly served a local clientele and was also known for its photographs of Laramie and its scenic photographs of Wyoming.

The collection contains negatives, interpositives, and prints of Laramie, Wyoming residents, Laramie public school students, and University of Wyoming groups, students, and other affiliates; photographs of Laramie architecture including the University of Wyoming, businesses, and houses; and Wyoming scenes including Sand Creek and King Brothers Ranch, images of organizations and groups within Laramie, and events in Laramie and at the University of Wyoming.

These and other AHC collections can be discovered in the University of Wyoming Libraries catalog. We are open for walk-in research on Mondays 10 am – 7 pm and Tuesdays through Fridays 8 am – 5 pm. For distance research assistance please contact our reference department at or 307-766-3756.


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