Archives Rewind Vol. 6

It’s hard to believe it’s August already. Time flies while we’re busy archiving. It’s that time again — more highlights from rewinding our “Archives on the Air” series.

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Let’s rewind Volume 6…

Episode 70 – The Flying Nun – The Harry Ackerman Papers

Why was Sally Field was a little embarrassed by the concept of “The Flying Nun”?

image with "The Flying Nun" text and nun flying in sky in background
Title card from The Flying Nun, 1968, from Screen Gems.

Episode 73 – UFO Psychology – Leo Sprinkle Papers

Considering Area 51 is a hot topic as of late, it seemed appropriate to talk about the psychology of UFO conspiracies.

newspaper image with mountain and possible "UFO" in sky
Photograph of a UFO or a natural phenomenon from Dr. Leo Sprinkle’s research files, undated. Box 14, Leo Sprinkle papers.

Episode 68 – Canada Connected Coast to Coast – Burt Buffum Papers

Since the 150th anniversary of the U.S. Transcontinenal Railway happened this summer, it seemed important to point out that there was also a Canadian Pacific Railway.

Map of Canada and northern United States
Early map of the Canadian Pacific Railway, printed on a lantern slide, undated. Box 39, B.C. Buffum Papers.

Episode 43 – Take Me Out To The Ball Game – Joseph C. O’Mahoney Papers

Baseball season is in full swing — but were you ever curious about how “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” came about? Senator Joseph C. O’Mahoney got the answer for us.

men in suits sitting in chairs inside a room
Senator Joseph O’Mahoney (center) interviewing six songwriters about the Jukebox Problem (royalties to writers). Jack Norwood (far right) composed “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, 1958. Box 386, Joseph C. O’Mahoney papers.

The purpose of the Archives Rewind series is to highlight episodes from our “Archives on the Air” segment that airs on Wyoming Public Media.

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