New Finding Aids: July 2019

The faculty have been processing collections left and right, so here’s another round of new finding aids we’ve published.

As a reminder, Finding Aids act as a table of contents for our collections. These aids help you find information about specific collections we have, and the information contained in the collections. We create these aids so it’s easier for researchers to figure out if collection is relevant to their work.

The strengths of our collections include Wyoming and the American West, politics and public policy, ranching and energy, entertainment and popular culture, industry, transportation, and military history. The documents and archives we hold serve as raw data for scholarship and heritage work, and support thriving communities of place, identity, and interest in Wyoming and beyond.

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Finding Aid Updates (from collections processed 5/24/19 – 6/7/19)

William Field’s Boy Scout photo album. Field’s album shows Scout activities in Wyoming in the 1920s.

William Ward’s Wyoming business signage collection. Casper Neon created business signs in the 1960s and 1970s.

University of Wyoming Botany professor W.G. Solheim. Solheim was the foremost authority of Rocky Mountain fungi.

University of Wyoming English professor Richard F. Fleck. Fleck’s interests included environmentalism and Native American literature.

Ecologist W.H. Romme. Romme is a specialist in the ecological role of fire.

University of Wyoming Dean of Women Margaret Tobin. Tobin’s materials include personal as well as professional papers.

Civil engineer Gayle Lewis. Lewis photographed his work on the Boysen Dam.

Symphony Association for the University of Wyoming. The Association supports the UW Symphony Orchestra.

Geologist Jay Alan Raney. Raney was an exploration geologist for Anaconda in the western United States.

Homesteaders Loran and Ruth Otto. The family moved to the Heart Mountain area in 1948.

NRA field representative Alan S. Krug. Krug was a long-time advocate for gun rights.

Wamsutter Community Development Project. The Wamsutter project aimed to mitigate rapid growth in a small Wyoming community.

Ethyl Corporation motion picture films (Records #00548). The Ethyl Corporation, chartered in Delaware in 1924, originated from the research efforts of scientists and chemical engineers Charles F. Kettering and Thomas Midgeley, Jr. In 1921, Midgley and Kettering discovered tetraethyl lead as an anti-knock agent in automobile engines. Kettering named this tetraethyl lead “Ethyl” gasoline and made it available to the public in 1923. Midgley and Kettering founded the General Motors Chemical Company to provide distribution of the gasoline. Standard Oil Company of New Jersey joined General Motors Chemical in its manufacturing to create Ethyl Corporation in 1924. Collection includes account books, stock certificates, newspapers and maps, advertisements, and other materials gathered by Boudreau and deal mostly with the petroleum industry in Pennsylvania (1823-1960). Also included is Thomas Midgley’s correspondence (1919-1952) regarding scientific research and business matters; photographs and glass slides of research and equipment (1923-1943); publications and speeches (1923-1983); service and training films; and audio of a 1940 Charles Kettering speech and a 20th anniversary observation. The motion pictures of this collection are digitized and available online.

Wendell C. White collection of Sinclair Oil Corporation films #12704. Wendell C. White started employment with Sinclair Oil Company in 1964 as a City Salesman in Salt Lake City. His next assignment was as Sales Representative – General in a move that took him to Boise, Idaho, in 1965. His next assignment in 1968 took him to Denver, Colorado, to manage Sinclair’s Dealer Training Program. With “stock tender offers” Atlantic Richfield acquired Sinclair in 1969. White became the Human Resources Representative with ARCO and subsequently Human Resources Manager with Pasco, Inc. and finally Human Resources Director with the Holding Family expansion of Sinclair Oil, Sun Valley, ranch and hospitality operations for 24 years. White retired in 2000 completing 36 years of Sinclair service. He continued to serve as Sinclair Historian – Retired. Collection contains digital copies of marketing, promotional, and training films of Sinclair Oil Corporation which was formed in 1916 by Harry F. Sinclair. In 1969, Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) acquired Sinclair, and it became one of the United States’ largest privately owned companies, owning and operating refineries, gas stations, hotels, two ski resorts, and a cattle ranch. The films of this collection are digitized and available online.

These and other AHC collections can be discovered in the University of Wyoming Libraries catalog. We are open for walk-in research on Mondays 10 am – 7 pm and Tuesdays through Fridays 8 am – 5 pm. For distance research assistance please contact our reference department at or 307-766-3756.


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