Archives Rewind Vol. 3

Round three of our “Archives Rewind” series finds us deep in the AHC collections once again. Did you know we’ve produced 150 episodes of Archives on the Air to date?

The purpose of the Archives Rewind is to highlight episodes from our “Archives on the Air” segment that airs on Wyoming Public Media.

“Archives on the Air” can be heard on Wyoming Public Radio Monday through Friday at 8:50 am, 11:50 am, and 6:50 pm or online on Wyoming Public Media’s website.

black and white image of studio microphone with computer screen faded in background. image text includes UW and American Heritage Center logo and "Archive on the Air" over mic.

Let’s rewind the archives for Volume 3…

Episode 30: “Flying Saucers, Like Girls Are Here to Stay” – Frank Scully Papers

Like something out of the X-Files…we want to believe. We’d like to think that Fox Mulder would have gotten along with Frank, and perhaps there’s some unintended relation to Dana?


Cover of The Saucerian, billed as the “world’s largest flying saucer publication,” January 1955. Box 6, Frank Scully papers.

Episode 37: Sweaty Documents – Climate Change in the American Heritage Center

Here’s something a little different for this program — how about a behind the scenes look at the process of letting received materials acclimate to Wyoming’s climate?

pallet with document boxes shrink wrapped.

A wrapped pallet containing historical documents about to be shipped from Utah to the American Heritage Center in Laramie, Wyoming, July 2016. Credit Molly Marcusse

Episode 39: “For All of Large Animals Found in the Sea, Man is the Easiest Prey”

We probably should have saved this highlight for Shark Week. Did you know the release of “Jaws” led to an increase in shark hunting in the United States?

paper document with 14 shark facts with written text.

Sharkfacts promotional material for the release of Jaws II, 1975. David Brown Papers.

Episode 42: The Ram Snuffbox – The Colket Collection; Toppan Library

Did you know Laramie has it’s own “Cabinet of Wonder“?

wooden cabinet, with lots of trinkets, photos, and collectibles.

Image of illustrated Wunderkammer (not in Wyoming) from the home of a music collecting aristocrat. Undated. “ACRONYM: Wunderkammer” New Focus, Accessed April, 2018.

That’s a wrap for Volume three of our Archives Rewind. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for Volume 3.


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