Archives Rewind Vol. 1

In June of 2018, the AHC partnered with Wyoming Public Media to create “Archives on the Air,” a one minute look ‘behind the curtain’ of our archives. Each episode reveals a fun tidbit of history from our vault. The series is voiced by Assistant Archivist Molly Marcusse and to date we’ve aired over 100 episodes.

black and white close up of an old reel to reel player

Ironically enough, WPM actually archives our show on their website, so we thought we’d go back to highlight some for you in a new blog series, aptly titled “Archives Rewind.”

So without further ado, let’s rewind the archives…

Episode 1: Laramie Inventor Elmer Lovejoy

Local Laramie folks may be familiar with the name Elmer Lovejoy, but what they may not know is that he designed and built Wyoming’s first automobile in 1895.

man driving an old automobile

Elmer Lovejoy riding an 1897 Locomobile steamer. Box 1, Elmer Lovejoy papers.

Episode 7: Mary O’Hara—”My Heart Is In Wyoming”

How well could New York screenwriter socialite adjust to life in Wyoming? Once she arrived, not even wild horses could drag her away.

woman sitting at desk with typewriter, file folders, and paperes.

Portrait of Mary O’Hara sitting at a typewriter, undated. Mary O’Hara photo file.

Episode 10: Antelope Charlie

Why in the world did the pronghorn get loaded onto the Hindenburg in 1936?

two mean holding pronghorns in the foreground and an airship landing in the background with people watching.

Photograph by Charles Belden of antelope about to be loaded onto the Hindenburg and relocated to a German zoo, 1936. Box 3, Charles J. Belden photographs.

Episode 15: Brassy Barbara Stanwyck

Why did Barbara Stanwyck’s movie “Baby Face” get banned in several cities across the country?

woman sitting at a desk staring at a man in a suit.

Photograph of Barbara Stanwyck and Donald Cook from the set of “Baby Face,” 1933. Box 1, Barbara Stanwyck papers, American Heritage Center.

That wraps up our first round of our archives rewind. Stayed tuned in the coming weeks for more!

“Archives on the Air” can be heard on Wyoming Public Radio Monday through Friday at 8:50 am, 11:50 am, and 6:50 pm or online on Wyoming Public Media’s website.


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