Picnic Time!

It’s the week of Independence Day and that has us thinking about the great outdoors and picnics. To celebrate, we went straight to the Isberg Family Collection. If their photos are any indication. Bill and Ginx Isberg loved to picnic! The Isberg Family Collection at the AHC documents not only their fun outdoors, but also Laramie as it appeared from the 1890s to about 1918.

Ginx Isberg (in black) is seen here enjoying an outdoor lunch with friends at a location outside Laramie. Her husband, Bill Isberg, owned a store in Laramie. Both were amateur photographers, so our guess is that Bill is the one taking the photo. What we can see in the photo are saltines, olives, potato flakes, bananas, and bags of something most likely delicious.


Isberg Family papers, Accession #215, Box 1, American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming.

Here the Isbergs and friends are enjoying a picnic at Crow Creek near Cheyenne. Watermelon is definitely on the menu. There also something in those jars on the blanket. Pickled eggs, perhaps?


Isberg Family papers, Accession #215, Box 2, American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming.

The Isbergs joined Albany County rancher J.W. Johnson and his family for this outing. The photo doesn’t indicate where they are, but they’re certainly spiffy.


Isberg Family papers, Accession #215, Box 1, American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming.

We especially like the full headgear of the possible driver of one of the autos, or maybe she was a passenger. Either way she was prepared for any kind of weather that came her way. Not sure who she is. Maybe the folks in the party didn’t know either!


Are you now inspired to have a picnic? We hope so. The folks here at the American Heritage Center wish you and your family a safe and happy 4th, and picnics filled with fun!

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    Thanks you. Happy 4th! 🙂

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