“Archives on the Air” Debuts Monday, June 18

The American Heritage Center has been collaborating with Wyoming Public Media to create a new program to highlight aspects of the AHC’s collections using one-minute stories. Some stories are serious, some are fun, but all are intriguing!

Debut of the program, “Archives on the Air,” is Monday, June 18, on Wyoming Public Radio. You’ll have an opportunity three times a day to catch a story.

AHC Assistant Archivist Molly Marcusse is the voice behind the stories.


AHC Assistant Archivist Molly Marcusse

We’ve been lucky to have story assistance from a stellar group of research assistants: Alex Vernon, London Homer-Wambeam, and Conor McCracken-Flesher.


Alex Vernon


London Homer-Wambeam


Conor McCracken-Flesher

In addition to airing the stories, WPR will host them, with images, as podcasts on their website. We’ll let you know when that begins.

The AHC gives a big shout out to WPM’s Micah Schweizer. He’s been our guiding light and our behind-the-scenes guy at WPM making this program a reality. Thanks Micah!


Micah Schweizer

Tune in and let us know what you think of the stories you hear!

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