Wyoming Women’s Suffrage Celebration

It’s Susan B. Anthony’s 198th birthday, which is a perfect opportunity to remind everyone that Wyoming is rapidly approaching its 150th anniversary of granting women the right to vote – the first government in the world to do so unconditionally.

To celebrate the event, Governor Matt Mead established the Governor’s Council for the Wyoming Women’s Suffrage Celebration in 2019 and 2020. The council has 13 members, including representatives from the League of Women Voters, the Wyoming Humanities Council, the Louisa Swain Foundation, the University of Wyoming, and several state agencies among others.

AHC Archivist Claudia Thompson is one of the women representing UW on the council. She has researched and published on the life of Wyoming suffragist Amalia Post (1826-1897).


Amalia Post. Photo courtesy Wyoming State Archives

The League of Women Voters is cooperating with the AHC to compile and organize materials pertaining to women’s suffrage.


Mrs. D.S. Sonnesberger commemorating the right to vote in a photograph. Mrs. Sonnesberger moved to Johnson County, Wyoming in 1878 with her husband and children. Photofile: Sonnesberger, (Mrs.) D.S., American Heritage Center

Events and programs will be held from December 10, 2019 to September 6, 2020. The council is also encouraging you to develop events and programs under your own funding and management.

Information about the Suffrage Celebration is on a League of Women Voters website and email inquiries can be sent to wyowomensvote150@wyominglwv.org.


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