Join us! “Out of the Box: How AHC Collections Enhance UW Humanities” to be held Friday, May 1st!

As you may know, the Center’s accomplished director of the past 13 years, Mark Greene, is retiring later this spring for health reasons. During Mark’s 13 year tenure as Director, the American Heritage Center, Wyoming’s primary repository of historical archives and photographs, has gained a great stature in the national archival community, and has achieved operational excellence. The AHC was recently recognized by the primary professional archival association in the U.S., the SAA (Society of American Archivists), with its Distinguished Service Award, its most prestigious institutional recognition.


On Friday, May 1st a symposium, entitled “Out of the Box: How AHC Collections Enhance UW Humanities” will be held on campus to honor Mark and highlight his accomplishments at the UW American Heritage Center. The symposium will begin in the AHC’s Wyoming Stock Growers Room at 12:30 p.m., with several presentations made by professional archivists from across the country who are Mark’s friends and colleagues. Pete Simpson will give the introductory presentation at this conference. Session presenters will describe their use of the AHC’s collections, their interaction with Mark and other staff members at the AHC, and the contributions our AHC has made to UW and the archival community throughout the country. I hope you will be able to attend part or all of the presentations being made at this symposium; they will be very revealing as to the day to day professional work done by our staff in support of the center’s mission to make its vast collections available and useful to researchers and scholars in Wyoming and across the country.

We hope you will join us!

–Dave Foreman, Chair of the AHC’s Board of Advisors

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