Wyoming Represents at National History Day!

Each year, a group of Wyoming students competes at the regional and state levels of National History Day for the privilege of continuing on to compete at the national level.  And each year, Wyoming performs exceptionally well at the national contest.  This year, Wyoming continued the tradition of stellar projects. Here are some photos of the students that placed in the top ten for their divisions.  Wonderful job, everyone!


The three Lander students who won the junior and senior outstanding state awards. Sydney Polson and Sadie Thatch won for their senior group documentary “A Question of Loyalty, Civil Rights and Responsibilities: Heart Mountain Draft Resisters,” and Li Platz won for her junior paper “The One-Child Policy: A Violation of Human Rights or a National Responsibility?” Li place fourth in her category and Sadie and Sydney placed seventh in their category.


London Homer-Wambeam minutes after he was awarded third place for his video documentary, “The Hollywood Production Code: A Right to Express, A Responsibility to Censor.”


London talking to his judges during the competition.

If you are a teacher or student who would like to compete in next year’s National History Day contest, you can learn more about getting involved.  Congratulations to all of the Wyoming students who participated this year–it was another strong showing by our state’s students!

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