UW Football Goes Bowling (1951 and 2011)

The AHC invites all University of Wyoming football fans gearing up for the 2011 New Mexico Bowl to watch some highlights of past UW football glory. In the 1951 Gator Bowl, Eddie “Boom Boom” Talboom led the Cowboys to a 20-7 victory over Washington & Lee University (in Virginia). Talboom threw for 141 yards and a touchdown, ran for 31 yards, and kicked two extra points in his final game for the University of Wyoming. Full-color highlights from this game are available below (no audio).

The 1951 Gator Bowl is just one example of the football film preserved by the AHC. As the archives for the University of Wyoming, the AHC documents the rich history of the University, including the history of UW Athletics. The AHC has UW football films dating back to 1935. Most of the film is either raw scouting footage recorded by the University from the press box, or narrated game highlights.

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