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Happy Holiday Air Travel!

With many people preparing to fly home to visit relatives during the upcoming holidays, we thought it was time for an aviation-themed blog.  Now, some of you might be nervous fliers.  But perhaps it will make you feel better to … Continue reading

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A brief science-fiction roll call…

As many media pundits wrap up their “best of 2011” lists, studios are preparing to promote their latest science-fiction films.  Films like “Ghostbusters 3″ and ‘The Hunger Games” are set to be released in 2012 and anticipation is building.  What … Continue reading

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UW Football Goes Bowling (1951 and 2011)

The AHC invites all University of Wyoming football fans gearing up for the 2011 New Mexico Bowl to watch some highlights of past UW football glory. In the 1951 Gator Bowl, Eddie “Boom Boom” Talboom led the Cowboys to a … Continue reading

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The Oregon Trail

You might remember this game; it was a classic facet in many an elementary school classroom.  It was released in Wii format last week, bringing the joy of cholera and “fording the river” to a whole new generation.  While this … Continue reading

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Al Christie Papers Document Silent Film

The Cannes Film Festival winner and Oscar contender The Artist is a black and white silent film. The film was released in 2011, but draws inspiration from the original era of silent films (1894-1929).  The American Heritage Center holds significant … Continue reading

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